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Our immediate mission is clear: In order to stand against tyranny, we must put Marshall's name on the ballot during the 2024 general election. To accomplish this, WV State Code sets out a number of requirements. When a candidate is not affiliated with a "major" political party recognized by West Virginia, one such requirement is to complete nomination certificates by gathering signatures from registered voters. According to our law:

The number of signatures shall be equal to not less than one percent of the entire vote cast at the last preceding general election for the office in the state, district, county, or other political division for which the nomination is to be made, but in no event shall the number be less than 25.

In the West Virginia gubernatorial election of 2020, there were approximately seven hundred eighty-four thousand (784,000) votes cast in total. One percent of that total, as required by State Code, is seven thousand eight hundred forty (7,840). Accounting for signatures collected that may be deemed invalid by the state, we have decided to collect eight thousand (8,000) voter signatures, of *any* party affiliation, to meet this requirement. This is a great undertaking; so, we need all of the help we can get.

If you would, print numerous copies of the signature form below. Print, in both of the blank spaces at the top of the form, the name of the county in which the voters whose signatures you request reside. For example, if you are collecting signatures at the Forest Festival in Randolph County, and you speak with voters from Gilmer County who want to sign, please ensure that they sign on a signature form for Gilmer County.

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Ask each registered WV voter you can to:
1. Sign in the first column
2. Print the voter's complete name in the second column
3. Print the voter's Birth Date in the third column
4. Print the voter's full *physical* Address, including city, in the fourth column
5. Do NOT mark anything in the "County Use" boxes

Complete as many copies of the signature form as you can. If you intend to collect signatures from others, please also ensure that you carry with you our campaign credentials to collect signatures in the counties in which you collect. Credentials for every county can be found and printed from our forum. In lieu of physically carrying credentials, authorizations to solicit signatures in all West Virginia counties are available to view on the credentials page using the button above.

As you approach your neighbors, please be gracious and treat them as you want them to treat you. Advise them that signing the form does not indicate an intent to vote for Marshall. It indicates only that they are willing to see his name on the ballot.

JULY 31st!

Please contact our Signature Campaign Coordinator, Catherine Moles, if you have any questions of concerns about this process. She can be reached on Facebook at

To coordinate pickup of completed signature forms, please email with your name, location, and phone number. Alternatively, you can call Barbara Thomas at 304-754-9294 to request pickup by a campaign volunteer in your area.