In others' words
Mrs. "Granny" Fouch
Berkeley County, WV
Folks, this is Granny. We want Marshall Wilson as the next governor of our wonderful state of West Virginia. This is a wonderful man. He understands the problems that we have as parents. He understands families' needs. He is a wonderful man and I just pray that we'll all get out there and vote for Mr. Marshall Wilson: the Governor of West Virginia!
Shawna Adkins
Wayne County, WV
I cannot possibly hold any person in higher regard than I do this fella, S. Marshall Wilson. He can quote the Bible and the Constitution at any moment and will defend both with everything he's got. He actually shows up for We The People. Just say the word freedom and he's there. He listened to Mom's story with remorse and compassion by acknowledging her as a victim of the corrupt system instead of brushing her aside as collateral damage. He will debate any topic and explain fully and exactly where his position comes from.
If you want real change in WV, vote S. Marshall Wilson for Governor. He's a hard-working, God-fearing, Constitution-following, freedom-loving Veteran and NOT a politician. Real change starts with real people. I think we all are ready for REAL change in WV! Give his page a like and follow to see what he's all about. Marshall, thank you so much for a year of true friendship in a year of very hard times. I'm certain we will have many, many more to come.
Travis Bishop
Berkeley County, WV
Politicians come and go making campaign promises they simply can't and won't keep once they get into office and become part of the system that it is within. “Conforming to the power of the party” I call it. When that special someone who fervently tries with their genuinely whole heart, sacrifices everything to actually serve the people whom they are sworn to serve makes their way into their elected office, they hit that “go along to get along” gang in a major way.
I helped him from his first run as Delegate and also when he ran for Governor. And I'll continually do that even more now after seeing what our current Governor has done to us and to the People of our beautiful State never being held accountable by OUR elected officials who should have! Never have we seen such tyranny and hypocrisy than what we've suffered through these past 2 years! My eyes are wide open to who I've voted for in the past and who I will not make the same mistakes going forward!!!!!
S. Marshall Wilson is the absolute best candidate we could ever elect to the seat of Governor! He'll say what he means and do what he says he'll do! When he says he'll lay down his life for his people he actually means it, Y'all.